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Hi there! This page is devoted to trading fossils. Here you can place your advertisement absolutely free. Good luck with swapping! Every good fossil deserves a good home!

  Name:      http://sportscardaily.com/pay-by-the-month-car-insurance.html
  E-mail:      t1ontthxac7@gmail.com
  My URL:      http://sportscardaily.com/pay-by-the-month-car-insurance.html
  Location:      xY5YFMu3z5
  Comments:      Whoa, things just got a whole lot easier.
  Name:      Terri Jo Collins
  E-mail:      collinsterrijo@yahoo.com
  My URL:      http://paleocity.com/actions/g_forum.php?prefix=forum&action=show-add-message-form
  Location:      Port Aransas, Texas
  Comments:      Hi, I have a collection of over 200 fossil pieces that I've found in San Patricio County, Texas. Mostly ice age mammal bones, claws and teeth. I also live on the beach and have over 800 shark teeth. I am interested in selling and not trading. Please contact me at 580 565- 0007.
  Name:      Stan the Dragon Man
  E-mail:      stan.conard@yahoo.com
  Location:      Western Colorado on the banks of Cretaceous Seaway
  Comments:      Been hunting prehistoric snakes and feathered serpents for 30 years. Have collected some very interesting Pterosaurs fossils over the years - in fact been hunting them so long in the beginning they were called Pterodactyls. Have Pteradon wing bones - wing sections - wing membranes. Clades skulls - eggs with embryos. Soft fossils of eggs & yolks - wing membrane with golden fibers - complete 3-D skull with soft tissue ... The Cretaceous Inland Sea with it's shallow lagoons and swamps created great fossil beds ... Also so have a couple of snake heads (very rare) ... Looking to trade - need a 4x4 Pick Up Truck or a Yukon SUV and some new photo equipment ... Awesome fossils!!!
  Name:      Ilya
  E-mail:      ilyazakharov@mail.ru
  Location:      Ukraine-Russia-Germany-Austria
  Comments:      Good afternoon. I want to offer you any fossils Molluscs, Arthropods, Echinoderms, Invertebrates, Fishes, Tetrapods, Plants, Snakes and more, even Meteorites and Geology. If you are interested in my offer - please contact me. Regards, Ilya.
  Name:      Ana Lúcia
  E-mail:      analuramos2008@hotmail.com
  My URL:      http://terrabrasilisdidaticos.com.br/categoria-produto/paleontologia/
  Location:      São Paulo, Brasil
  Comments:      Hi, I am interested in trade of fossils from all arround the world, specially from Russia. I do not have any brasilian specimen as it is not legal to trade, but I can offer legal Marrocan trilobites, good quality cast replicas of dozens of fossils and good quality minerals. I am also interested in exchange of perfect specimens. to make yourself informed, please visit our website.
  Name:      Glenn Rockers
  E-mail:      rockerse@paleosearch.com
  My URL:      www.paleosearch.com
  Location:      Hays, Kansas
  Comments:      I have been a commercial collector since 1983 and have been an avid fossil enthusiast for most of my life. Served as past President and board member of AAPS (Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences). Member of SVP and Paleontology Society. Specializing in Cretaceous fish and reptiles from the Smoky Hill Chalk of western Kansas. Most specimens are self collected and prepared. Also have a good number of mammal-like reptile specimens from the Permian Redbeds of Texas. We do the annual Tucson and Denver trade shows, plus will be at MAPS Show in April, 2015.
  Name:      John Adamek
  E-mail:      jadamek390@aol.com
  My URL:      www.fossilmall.com
  Location:      Northern Illinois USA
  Comments:      Forgive the email typo. Sometimes my fingers are too big for the keys on my phone especially before I have had my coffee. At any rate having collected fossils for 25 years and sold them for 15 I have developed many contacts around the world. I am open to trade/sale of quality specimens.
  Name:      Michael Allen
  E-mail:      phacopida@att.net
  My URL:      www.collectingfossils.org
  Location:      Ventura, California, USA
  Comments:      I am retired, and largely do nothing save for traveling and collecting fossils along the way. Occasionally, I teach kids about evolution, geologic history and fossils at regional elementary or secondary schools, giving most of my collected fossils to them. Sometimes I trade with folks I know, and try to make it to the Tucson Fossil Show every year.
  Name:      John Adamek
  E-mail:      jadamek390@ail.com
  My URL:      www.fossilmall.com
  Location:      Northern Illinois, USA
  Comments:      I have been a collector of trilobites for some 25 years and a dealer for 15 years. I am always interested in obtaining quality specimens for both my collection and inventory.
  Name:      love
  E-mail:      sadid@yahoo.com.tw
  My URL:      r2hgd.chapter7mm.net
  Location:      Puerto Rico
  Comments:      love.}
  Name:      Nate Lee
  E-mail:      historyman530@gmail.com
  Location:      Indiana USA
  Comments:      Hello I am a collector looking for reasonably priced bison antiquus fossils I am in need of a large number of ribs, vertibrea, toe hoof and ankle bones as well as both hip bones and scapulas interested in making bulk deals. Also interested in good mammoth and mastodon fossils or any other good Ice Age fossils Thanks
  Name:      Matt Heaton
  E-mail:      matt@fossilera.com
  My URL:      http://www.fossilera.com
  Location:      Washington State
  Comments:      Always interested in trading fossils from around the world. I'm a trilobite collector myself and have a lot of US trilobites from a variety of sites for trade. I also have fossils for sale at the link above.
  Name:      Kaivalya Karkare
  E-mail:      kaivalyakarkare@hotmail.com
  Location:      Goa, India
  Comments:      I live in Goa,India. Here I have a tree fossil (species unknown) which is in limestone. It was found in Andhra Pradesh, South India. I don't know how old the fossil is. The price I wish to sell it for USD 200. (Shipping price extra) . The price is negotiable. You can also communicate with me through e-mail.
  Name:      Michael farrell
  E-mail:      excal17@live.com
  Location:      ohio
  Comments:      Hello my name is michael i live in southern ohio and can find millions of brachiopod horn coral large and small in beautiful condition willIng to sell at wholesale they really are in beautiful condition from blue clay i recently found some with geo forming inside really cool thank you Michael farrell
  Name:      branden sorzano
  E-mail:      brandensorzano@gmail.com
  Location:      charles county,maryland
  Comments:      i've self collected fossils from two very diferent locations CALVERT CLIFFS & LIVERPOOL POINT i am still young and would like to explore new fossil hunting teritorie but easier said than done i am looking for otodus and transitional otodus teeth of any condition from md and va and crocodile fossils i will trade just about anything from my collection to people in md and va thanks branden sorzano
  Name:      Sarah
  E-mail:      sweetcheks25@yahoo.com
  Location:      California
  Comments:      I have an enormous fossilized back bone. Maybe a whale, maybe prehistoric. I'm interested in selling it. I have many pictures. Please email with any questions.
  Name:      simo
  E-mail:      akaaboune.jalil@gmail.com
  My URL:      https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=1f550fb25b&view=att&th=13d176f
  Location:      fossil for sel
  Comments:      Hi Sir. I Jalil. I am a young Moroccan .I have a very strange fossil A perso found this fossil in nature (region of Tan-Tan / Morocco) and it is you are interested in this fossil here photos and shaped like a turtle. So when you move the fossil you hear a sound very wonderful. It looks like it may be a septarian nodule. They can be hollow, so perhaps there is some loose material inside, causing the noise when you move it.
  Name:      Roland Meszaros
  E-mail:      roland_m@centrum.sk
  Location:      KOSICE, SLOVAKIA
  Comments:      "FOSSILS FOR FOSSILS !!!!" My name is Roland and I am fossil collector from Slovakia. The fossils from my location for fossils from yours. That's all, no money, only will you change! It probably is best to start reasonably small, and then possibly go from there. Thanks, Roland FB: Roland Markus
  Name:      Tracy Carpenter
  E-mail:      tdc0865@yahoo.com
  Location:      Dallas, Texas
  Comments:      I have a well preserved fossilized leaf imbedded inside of a rock I have no clue on its value. I can send pictures would anyone have any idea on how to get a estimate of its value? I can send pictures. Thank you
  Name:      Dino
  E-mail:      illirycum@gmail.com
  Location:      Bosnia
  Comments:      Hello I have for sell mayn diferents MAMMAL FOSSILS,Deinotheirum bavaricum,Deinotherium giganteum,mastodont-lunolophodon,bunolophodon,zygolophodon,Rhinocerius. All fossils are from Bosnia,i send pictures of finding places for proof. Ask pic. regards
  Name:      Jerry Williams
  E-mail:      papainaz1@yahoo.com
  My URL:      HTTP://mr.jerryben@gmail.com
  Location:      Prescott Az. United States
  Comments:      Many trilobite fossils for sale and trade would like to make new friends for selling and trading. Lots of museum quality specimens. Lets talk and do some trading and buying and selling.
  Name:      Jerry Williams
  E-mail:      papainaz1@yahoo.com
  Location:      Arizona, United States
  Comments:      Have many high quality trilobites for sale and trade, looking to trade for some I don't have or sell my duplicates.
  Name:      Terry Stephenson
  E-mail:      terrystephenson@hotmail.com
  Location:      Central Texas
  Comments:      Have thousands of common kit & card type fossils, echinoids, gastropods, crinoid stems, brachiopods, corals, clams, oysters, and others. Mostly from the Cretaceous & Pennsylvanian. Sell or trade. Thanks.
  Name:      Karry Kyllo
  E-mail:      kpkyllo@yahoo.com
  Location:      East Grand Forks, MN
  Comments:      We have a fairly large collection of unprepared bison fossils recovered from the banks of the Red River of the North. The collection includes many jawbones, horns, horns with skull caps, a hoof, scapulas, vertebrate, ribs and many leg bones. The prize of our collection is a full skull with horns and most teeth intact. As I said, the specimens are unprepared, but nice. We also have a fossil elk shed dug from the banks of the Red River of the North as well that is for sale. I will email photos of our collection upon request. Thank You All.
  Name:      Jim Lovisek
  E-mail:      jameslovisek@gmail.com
  My URL:      www.fossilrealm.ca
  Location:      Toronto, Canada
  Comments:      We are interested in buying quality fossils ( both vertebrates and invertebrates) at wholesale prices from worldwide locations. Our website is being rebuilt and will be refurbished in about 6 weeks. Please email details of what you have available and prices. Thanks!
  Name:      Don Miller
  E-mail:      info@millersfossils.com
  My URL:      http://www.millersfossils.com
  Location:      Delaware
  Comments:      forgot to list full URL
  Name:      Don Miller
  E-mail:      info@millersfossils.com
  My URL:      www.millersfossils.com
  Location:      Delaware
  Comments:      Miller's Fossils has been selling fossils and replicas since 1972. We offer great fossils at great prices. Come visit and browse our site.
  Name:      Malcolm
  E-mail:      Malcolm@thornleysystems.com
  Location:      Canada
  Comments:      I am looking to purchase unprepared trilobites. Nothing to expensive. I don't really have much to trade right now.
  Name:      Rock Hard Fossil
  E-mail:      breretonmc@gmail.com
  My URL:      www.etsy.com/shop/breretonmc
  Location:      Colorado
  Comments:      Hello, My husband and I started collecting and selling fossils several years ago. We are also very interested in purchasing Fossil Bison Horns,Skulls, ect... We will also do trades. Please email me if you have what we are looking for or want to do a trade. We have a large variety of many things. Fossil eggs, turtles, Calcite shells, Rare wood, Crabs, Shrimp, ect... Please check out our store on Etsy @ www.etsy.com/shop/breretonmc
  Name:      Xavier Elizondo
  E-mail:      xavierelizondox11@gmail.com
  My URL:      http://mcallen.en.craigslist.org/clt/2481162134.html.
  Location:      Texas
  Comments:      I have a lot of teeth fossils. Some seemed to belong to a very large shark of some sort. I also have something like arm bones that are fossilized. I also have a huge collection of over 250 petrified wood pieces, ranging from two-hands size to big ones u cant even carry. I am interested in setting these. Send me a message to my email. Or call (965)353-4489 for more details...will negotiate a price. Thanks, X.E.
  Name:      Xavier Elizondo
  E-mail:      xavierelizondox11@gmail.com
  My URL:      http://mcallen.en.craigslist.org/clt/2481162134.html.
  Location:      Texas
  Comments:      I have a lot of teeth fossils. Some seemed to belong to a very large shark of some sort. I also have something like arm bones that are fossilized. I also have a huge collection of over 250 petrified wood pieces, ranging from two-hands size to big ones u cant even carry. I am interested in setting these. Send me a message to my email. Or call (965)353-4489 for more details...will negotiate a price. Thanks, X.E.
  Name:      Marco Sr.
  E-mail:      mgulotta@wildblue.net
  My URL:      http://phatfossils.com
  Location:      Virginia, US
  Comments:      I am interested in trading matrix that contains shark and ray teeth. I can trade matrix from: Paleocene, Selandian/ Thanetian Stage, Maryland Eocene, Ypresian Stage, Virginia Miocene, Burdigalian Stage, North Carolina If you are interested in trading matrix send me an e-mail.
  Name:      fernando
  E-mail:      pradoanus@hotmail.com
  Location:      zaragoza Spain
  Comments:      Hello,im trilobites collector from cambrian;i have for trade:Crabs,trilobites,big lobsters,ammonites,equinoids...
  Name:      Nick's Fossils
  E-mail:      paleo-nick@nicksfossils.com
  My URL:      http://www.nicksfossils.com
  Location:      Brighton, Colorado
  Comments:      Nick's Fossils buys, sells, and trades collector-grade fossils from around the world. We have everything from mammoth and shark teeth to the occasional rhinoceros skull and dinosaur skeleton.
  Name:      Merv
  E-mail:      merv@indiana9fossils.com
  My URL:      http://www.indiana9fossils.com
  Location:      United States
  Comments:      At indiana9fossils.com I offer one of the webs largest selection of quality fossils at fair prices. Whether you're a beginning collector or a Museum Curator, at indian9fossils.com you're sure to find something that will fit your collection. I'm ALWAYS adding NEW fossils, so check back frequently!
  Name:      Tang
  E-mail:      wone1800@gmail.com
  Location:      Hong Kong
  Comments:      Hello everyone,I sell fossils from China for many years,I am a honest man who keep my words,many people know me. I promise that,all of my fossils are natural and original,many of them are very perfect. So if you are interested in Chinese fossils,please send message to me,and I will try my best to help you to own them. Thank you very much. Regards, Tang
  Name:      World Fossil Museum
  E-mail:      fossilsgalore@gmail.com
  My URL:      http://www.fossilsgalore.com/gallery2/main.php
  Location:      England
  Comments:      Our new museum for museums and collectors to post their finds and document them for others to see.
  Name:      Lahcen Mezane
  E-mail:      fossilet_mezane@hotmail.com
  My URL:      http://www.fossilsmezane.piczo.com
  Location:      Morocco
  Comments:      I am Lahcen Mezane from Morocco i work as collector for poeples who are intersting about fossils stones,Marble and anything related to them. If someone need something or to have more informations,please contact us , we will be happy to reply you as soon as possible.
  Name:      Cédric
  E-mail:      paleofrance@yahoo.fr
  My URL:      http://www.paleofrance.com/
  Location:      France.
  Comments:      Hi everybody. I'm a French fossils dealers, I'm selling rare and well preserved fossils from all around the world, if you research some fossils from France do not hesitate to contact me. Cordially, Cédric.
  Name:      Garres
  E-mail:      atalaya@hotmail.com
  Location:      Espaa
  Comments:      I have been collecting trilobites for quite some time and recently echinoids and crabs. I can offer echinoids for trading.If somebody are interested feel free to contact me via email for a list of currently available echinoids.
  Name:      dino
  E-mail:      illirycum@gmail.com
  Location:      Bosnia
  Comments:      hello to everyone,i find this realy good site,and decide offer to sell some of my mammal fossils,i am collector over 25 years,and i will decide sell some of mastodon and deinotherium teeth.
  Name:      Damjan
  E-mail:      slofos@geologija.com
  Location:      Slovenia
  Comments:      Im interested for trade echinoids and I can offer other fossils from Europe; Slovenia,Croatia,Austria,Hungary.
  Name:      Hicham
  E-mail:      jurasicfossils@hotmail.com
  My URL:      still new trading online
  Location:      Morocco
  Comments:      Hi everybody and everyone who interested in fossils especially shark teeth and bones of some other creatures that was here on our land Morocco 65 Million years ago.then don't hesitate to e-mail us.
  Name:      geofossiles
  E-mail:      geofossiles@live.fr
  My URL:      http://www.geofossiles.com
  Location:      northen france
  Comments:      ############################################ ################ NEW WEBSITE ############### ############# AT SOON MY FRIENDS ########### ############ NEW FOSSIL FOR SALE ########### ############################################ ###### ##### ##### ##### ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## #### ## ## ##### ##### ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ##### ##### ##### ## #####
  Name:      Desiree Cassel
  E-mail:      desireecasse@yahoo.com
  Location:      California
  Comments:      My main interest is in Problematica, Precambrian, soft-body preservation, jellyfish, and mysterious critters. Echinoids, too. I have for trade almost everything. I have been collecting for over 20 years. I am interested in swapping, not buying.
  Name:      fukunwang
  E-mail:      fkwang123456@yahoo.cn
  Location:      china liaoning chaoyang
  Comments:      Hello: My name is David. I live in Chaoyang City, China. I was doing business fossils. I have some of the best collection of true. Including a "dinosaur. Turtle. Birds.fish. And all kinds of good fossil, "If you are interested. Welcome to contact me. I'll give you my information and contact: If. What to sell? I can contact. I will first photos to you. If you want to buy. We talk about the price. my info : bank name : bank of china chaoyang branch address:NO45 section two xinhua road chao yang city liao ning province china name :fukun wang bank number : 419750101880520667 swift code : bkchcnbj810
  Name:      Mitchell Roush
  E-mail:      roush57@ymail.com
  Location:      Lewisburg, WV
  Comments:      I have been collecting crinoids for quite some time and would be pleased to trade with someone else.
  Name:      Mitchell Roush
  E-mail:      roush57@ymail.com
  Location:      Lewisburg, WV
  Comments:      I have been collecting crinoids for quite some time and would be pleased to trade with someone else.
  Name:      Enrico Bonino
  E-mail:      info@backtothepast.com.mx
  My URL:      www.backtothepast.com.mx
  Location:      Cancun (Mexico) and Liège (Belgium)
  Comments:      Following the URL link you can explore the first only dedicated trilobite museum of the world. Exceptional and unique specimens are presented in this museum and in the OnLine store you can have access to wonderful and complete thematic posters, diorama and museum grade trilobites.
  Name:      Jani Oravisjärvi
  E-mail:      jani.oravisjarvi@gmail.com
  My URL:      http://www.flickr.com/photos/22528621@N07/
  Location:      Turku, Finland
  Comments:      Hey, I have been collecting trilobites for more than five years and I'm very interested in a fossils swap. My primary target are trilobites. I prefer all trilobites, not only complete species. I'm looking forward to your contact.
  Name:      Jeremy Gibson
  E-mail:      explorer.gibson@gmail.com
  Location:      north east tx
  Comments:      i have a variety for trade micro teeth and mosasour bones verts mammals,shark etc. interested in any decent trade crabs, starfish,teeth mamals etc. thanks explorer1
  Name:      Dan Woehr
  E-mail:      dwoehr@vintageair.com
  Location:      San Antonio, TX
  Comments:      I am an avid collector of all things fossilized and am looking to sell off surplus crabs (primarily Dakoticancer australis from the Corsicnana formation), ammonites, echinoids, bivalves, gastropods, etc., mostly from Texas. Feel free to contact me via email for a list of currently available echinoids. Some are common, some are rare, all are self collected and prepped. No restoration.
  Name:      geofossile guery david
  E-mail:      geofossiles@live.fr
  My URL:      http://www.membres.lycos.fr/geofossiles/
  Location:      ardennes, france
  Comments:      hi visit my web site fossil collecting and one for lebannon fossil good price for dealer or contact me european fossil site http://www.membres.lycos.fr/geofossiles/
  Name:      Bob Lang
  E-mail:      robertlang@comcast.net
  Location:      New Jersey, USA
  Comments:      "TOOTH FOR TOOTH!!!!" I'll go first...trading fossils from my location for fossils from yours. Just send me what you think is fair value. That's all. I live near the cretaceous green marlsands of Colts Neck, where there's lots of 70 myo SHARK teeth, ray teeth, belemnites, crustaceon parts, bivalves, all sorts of marine fossils PLUS I live near a rare Cretaceous Amber pit and I still have lots of 90 myo New Jersey amber. PLUS I have fossils from all over thw world, sent to me in other fossilt rades. It probably is best to start reasonably small, and then possibly go from there. Thanks, Bob
  Name:      Amadeus Bojiuc
  E-mail:      kolleamm@yahoo.com
  My URL:      collector
  Location:      California, USA
  Comments:      Hi I have been fossil collecting for more than a year , I have partial raptor claws from 5/8 to 1 inch (US raptor claws may only be traded in the US due to laws) I seek mostly spinosaurus fossils (except teeth unless its a jaw) but let me know if you have anything else to offer ,I also have small meteorites ( nantan,and pallasite),also Moroccan raptor bones (humerus,finger bone, teeth,etc..) and more stuff... I WILL TRADE OR SELL, let me know if you are interested
  Name:      dragan milanovic
  E-mail:      gagaprofa@gmail.com
  Comments:      hi!my name is Dragan and I am fossil collector from Serbia.fossils are my passion and I have a lot of perfectly preserved tertiary invertebrates,but also I have mammoth,bison,megaloceros etc. bones,jaws and teeth.my collection is lacking in fossil plants so it is my priority at the moment.please contact me,I am very interested in swapping.bye!
  Name:      Charbel Nouhra
  E-mail:      fossils-seler@hotmail.com
  Location:      hakel-lebanon
  Comments:      Hello. We have a big collections of fossils for sale . If interrested mail me and i will send you photos and prices. All our fossils are 100% natural,I just glue the stone if is broken (profesionel work). Thank you.
  Name:      Youssef
  E-mail:      rouhanajoe@hotmail.com
  Location:      HAKEL- LEBANON
  Comments:      Hi, we have a big collection from hakel lebanon (no colors added).don't hesitate to contact me if you want to buy or sell our fossils
  Name:      Corey Bamford
  E-mail:      cbamford2@hotmail.com
  Location:      Vancouver canada
  Comments:      I have recentely inharated a miners collection of skulls and bones over 20 thousand years old. all from the Klondike Yukon Canada. there is 3 truck loads. i am not jokeing. The collection consists of 15 bizon shulls yung and old, lots with horns intact(some real show pices) and enough pieces to complete two animals, maybe more. also there is a mammoth skull that broke into 4 pieces when they het it with the moniter. Also mammoth joints and bones. i dont want the dam things the colliction kind of stinks sold seporately or best offer takes all. once and a life time deel.
  Name:      Trilobite
  My URL:      www.cafepress.com/trilobite
  Comments:      Love trilobites, check out our store, loaded with designs based on the trilobite, as well as other beloved fossils! Trilobite Clothing has kid's clothes, humor, and more! www.cafepress.com/trilobite thanks!
  Name:      pierreabisaad
  E-mail:      memory@memoryoftime.com
  My URL:      www.memoryoftime.com
  Location:      lebanon
  Comments:      For more than four generations, Memory of time possesses the most beautiful and largest collection of fish fossils from 3 main Lebanese quarries: Hakel, Hajoula, Ennamoura Weve been awarded in Lebanon as one of the most famous in the sea fossils world We are at Memory of time a: -Museum, where a unique and very rare specimens of more than 400 species can be found -Quarry, where an excavation site exists for more than 7 mouths a year -Work shop, where only specialists can perform their work -Area shop, where visitors can enjoy looking and buying rare, beautiful and common fossils are available for sale. At Memory of time, we assure our best quality, best price, best service, our 100% natural materials Through the most secure, fast and reliable international courier we can send any fossil. Do not hesitate to contact us at memory@memoryoftime.com or visit our website: www.memoryoftime.com Pierre Abi Saad Executive director
  Name:      Fossil Kid
  E-mail:      fossilkid@gmail.com
  My URL:      http://www.freewebs.com/worldfossilauction/
  Location:      England
  Comments:      Make sure you read the important information about using the online fossil auction before listing your items. have fun while its free.
  Name:      Anton Brodskiy
  E-mail:      sale@paleocity.com
  My URL:      www.paleocity.com
  Location:      Saint Petersburg, Russia
  Comments:      Hi, I'm very interested in a fossils swap. My primary target are trilobites, but other fossils are also welcomed. As concern trilobites I prefer only complete species of each localities and ages, possibly in a raw condition. I'm looking forward to your offers. Anton Brodskiy, paleocity owner.
  Name:      Bob Schacht
  E-mail:      rschacht@indy.rr.com
  Location:      Indiana, United States
  Comments:      Anton, I really like the new format for the web site. Bob
  Name:      Roland Nohra
  E-mail:      rolandnohras@hotmail.com
  Comments:      Hello, If you are interested about Lebanese fish fossils please visist my websites: www.expohakel.com www.hakelfossils.com (gift ideas) We also very nice offers concerning wholesale.We send our fossils with DHL and you can pay us after receiving the fossils Best regards, Roland
  Name:      driss karaoui
  E-mail:      dkaraoui@hotmail.com
  My URL:      http://perso.menara.ma/dkaraoui1/gellery.html
  Location:      Morocco, Rissani
  Comments:      i am driss karaoui from Rissani i work as collector for poeples who are intersting about things make from fossils stone :vases, plates, bowls, wine goblets, wash basin, tables ,ashtrays,fountains ,candles set ,fossils plaques for walls or for guarden , lamps , arts objects ,soap dish,Architecture Tubes,Mirrors,Round Fossil Boxes,Ammonite, Carved stand-up,Candy Dish with Ammonite Fossils,Fossil Bookends,Desk sets,Large Fossil Hearts,FOSSIL ART,PENCIL CUP .... with defrent collors for examples grey green black and red cause this things its not easy for poeples who dont live in Morocco to collect best quality and new things maked by sculptures in rissani and erfoud also i send for intersting.
  Name:      fernando
  E-mail:      pradoanus@hotmail.com
  Comments:      Hello, m interesting in crabs and trilobites; i have for trade: trilobites, crabs, ammonites, equinoids, lobsters, vegetables, fishses from cretaceus...
  Name:      Garre
  E-mail:      atalaya11@hotmail.com
  Location:      Spain
  Comments:      I am a trilobites collector in Spain. I have some Ordovician trilobites for swap.
  Name:      jimish
  E-mail:      jurassicjuvenile@aol.com
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  Location:      England
  Comments:      Hi i am selling fossils on line. i offer retail and wholesale please email me for bigger orders
  Name:      Cristian
  E-mail:      cri.pella@tiscalinet.it
  Location:      Italy
  Comments:      Hello, Im Cristian, I live in Italy, near Milan, I collection fossils insects on rocks in the world (my collection 1.500 fossils insects), but not in ambra, if you have this fossils, send to list, (deposit, price, dimension, quality). Have you fossils insects? Thank you.
  Name:      Mads P. S. Trans
  E-mail:      mads@rockshop.nu
  My URL:      www.rockshop.nu
  Location:      Denmark
  Comments:      Hi. I sell fossils and minerals from all over the world. Feel fri to contact me if you want to bay or sell. Look at my website.
  Name:      stephane
  E-mail:      stephane@terrafossils.com
  My URL:      www.TerraFossils.com
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  Comments:      I propose you agreat quality of ammonites and nautilus from France. I hope you a very good visit on my website. Thanks stephane
  Name:      ken
  E-mail:      PALEO599@YAHOO.COM
  Location:      NEW JERSEY
  Comments:      I have a super partial dino skeleton partial, many bones... if int., will send price, pic, info...
  Name:      Damjan
  E-mail:      slofos@siol.net
  My URL:      www.slofos.com
  Location:      Slovenia
  Comments:      I am a fossils collector and Im looking a new friends for trade and hunt fossils.
  Name:      Franco Furlan
  E-mail:      Vittorrio@free.fr
  Location:      France
  Comments:      I am a fossils collector of french trilobites. I sell a lot of them from Vireux. Please send me an email I will send you some pictures, with prices. (all qualities of dvonian's phacops) (I don't speak english, please write in French) Thanks.
  Name:      Clayton Kern
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  Comments:      Have you or someone you know always been fascinated in the history of our Earth and fossils but don't know of any places to go to find them. Well, here's your chance to get a fully guided and supplied trip of a lifetime to find and keep many types and species of fossils from your choice of several locations around PA and MD.
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  Comments:      Hey all feel free to join the best global fossil collector , mineral collector and rock collector forum on the net.
  Name:      fossil kid
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  Comments:      Hey all i sell and trade fossils from all over the world. let me know if you are interested. plus feel free to view my website.
  Name:      Doug Mann
  E-mail:      dougmann@fossilicious.com
  My URL:      http://www.fossils-facts-and-finds.com
  Location:      Colorado
  Comments:      I have two web sites. The one listed above is an educational site on fossils and geologic history. It's a great place for students, teachers, and beginning collectors. I am open to trading. Most of what I have is at http://www.fossilicious.com .It is a store but I am willing to trade for just about anything that I don't have.
  Name:      osi
  E-mail:      fosmamm@yahoo.com
  Comments:      Hello,everyone! i sell mammal fossils, deinotherium (bavaricum, giganteum), zygodolophodon, lonolophodon, gomphotherium, rhinocerius, teeth and bone. very good condition and rare. ask pic.

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