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Hi there! This page is devoted to trading fossils. Here you can place your advertisement absolutely free. Good luck with swapping! Every good fossil deserves a good home!

  Name:      Leonardo
  E-mail:      direcciondecorreo@telefonica.net
  My URL:      http://echinoids.ohlog.com/
  Location:      Alicante, Spain
  Comments:      I interested in echinoids trade. I have the Blog: http://echinoids.ohlog.com/ with images of the available for trade, please you look.
  Name:      Jim
  E-mail:      tnc1@sympatico.ca
  Location:      Toronto, Canada
  Comments:      We are interested in trading/buying a wide variety of fossils. Please email photos of what you have and the kinds of fossils that you would be interested in.
  Name:      Mike
  E-mail:      mmcginni@utmb.edu
  Comments:      I am interested in obtaining complete crinoid crowns. Please contact me if you have some available for either trade or sale.
  Name:      Kris van Oosterwijck van der Aerschot
  E-mail:      krisvo@pandora.be
  Location:      Belgium
  Comments:      Hello who has some fossil echinoids from Malta for sale ?
  Name:      "KAMYK" Piotr Menducki
  E-mail:      piotrmenducki@wp.pl
  Location:      Poland
  Comments:      I'd like to kindly invite you to my stand No 12.EG.363 during 28 International Show of Minerals, Fossils and Jewellery in Hamburg. This time we will present you i.e.: - cambrian trilobite trackways (Cruziana, Rusophycus) from Poland - cambrian trilobites (Ellipsocephalus, Conocoryphe, Hydrocephalus, Aulacopleura and more...) Sincerely yours
  Name:      Dave Mell
  E-mail:      jmell2@satx.rr.com
  Location:      San Antonio, Texas
  Comments:      I would like to trade fossils. I have many epochs. Fossils will be used in school as I am a Science teacher. Any trade would be appreciated! jmell2@satx.rr.com
  Name:      Fernando Santos Pelegr?n
  E-mail:      fernandonet@mixmail.com
  Location:      Spain
  Comments:      Hi collectors. I have trilobites from spanish ordovician period to trade. Please, let me know if you are interested.Bye.
  Name:      www.earthfragments.com
  E-mail:      no419@gyuasygf.com
  My URL:      http://www.earthfragments.com
  Location:      PA
  Comments:      Buy Rocks, Fossils, Minerals, Crystals, Antiquarian Books, Travel/Cruise Books.
  Name:      SALORD
  E-mail:      o.salord@cegetel.net
  Location:      PARIS- FRANCE
  Comments:      Dramatic A-grade Spinosaurus aegyptiacus hand claw. Length: 5.1 inches in a diagonal. Wonderful details and color, no repair or restoration, prestine condition. Pictures available at : o.salord@cegetel.net
  Name:      jamie jordan
  E-mail:      jamie_jordan15@hotmail.com
  My URL:      www.freewebs.com/fossilsforsaleandtrade
  Location:      england
  Name:      Morten Bilet
  E-mail:      barb-o@online.no
  My URL:      www.geotop.no
  Location:      Norway
  Comments:      Thanks to Anton for exellent business and very good products !
  Name:      Antonio Toral
  E-mail:      atoral@telefonica.net
  Location:      Spain
  Comments:      I am a fossils collector from Spain. I am mostly interested in fossils echinoids. I have a lot of them for exchange. Please send me an email I will send you my swap list and some pictures. Thanks.
  Name:      Michael Herren
  E-mail:      bonesnjunk@mindgamesstudios.com
  My URL:      http://www.mindgamesstudios.com/bonesnjunk
  Location:      Arkansas - US
  Comments:      I've got lots of Dino teeth, Moroccan bone pieces, etc etc.
  Name:      Alex Osso
  E-mail:      aosso@comt.es
  Location:      Tarragona-Catalunya
  Comments:      Very good web!. I'm serious collector, and I can offer you crabs, echinoids, shark teeths.
  Name:      Henry
  E-mail:      Paleosino@yahoo.com
  My URL:      www.sinofossil.com
  Location:      china
  Comments:      a good place to buy chinese fossil,and almost have all kinds of fossil around the china! you name it,we have it!
  Name:      Online Fossil Trade Show
  E-mail:      guide@gtlsys.com
  My URL:      www.gtlsys.com/TradeShow/Lobby.html
  Location:      California - USA
  Comments:      Nice new advert site! A great resource to all fossil collectors from all over the world! If somebody here have fossils just for exchanging/swapping please visit the 'Online Fossil Trade Show' at the URL shown above. There are over 70 collectors form China (hi leesun!), Spain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Russia, and the USA ready to trade their local stuff withe yours. Keep up the good work Paleocity, your fossils are absolutely beautiful!
  Name:      leesun
  E-mail:      leesun8661@yahoo.com.cn
  Location:      China
  Comments:      I like this the design of this web,it give me some feeling of warm. very nice think u!
  Name:      Roy Nohra
  E-mail:      roynohra@hotmail.com
  Location:      Hakel - Lebanon
  Comments:      Hello We own the N1 museum and shop in Lebanon, and we also own the fossil's quarry in Hakel, and it's one of the most important lagerstaten in the world, so we have a huge collection of fossils (all sea fossils). All the types that you can find in Lebanon, we have 1200 pieces of collection with more than 300 species, and we have more than 150 species for sale, and thousands of specimens for sale...some of them are for collection.... (Please ask for photos if interested) And you can send me the name of the fossils than I will send you the photos and prices, All my fossils don't have any restoration (no color...) they are 100% natural. I only glue the stone if it was broken... Thank You

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